What's Brixton Ping Pong Society all about?

Brixton Ping Pong Society is essentially just a couple of us attempting to organise and encourage more Ping Pong in and around Brixton.
We are a non profit operation, all meetings and events as well as work on the web site is all done in our own time, and funded from our own pockets.
Our long term goal is to get a Ping Pong table or two into Brockwell Park.
We kicked off back in 2013 with a regular night at The Grosvenor, in Stockwell (last Tuesday of every month). Nothing too serious, spreading the word, taking part, supping on a glass of fine refreshment and getting to know new people is just as important as the game itself. We have now moved our monthly meet ups to the first Monday of every month at the Effra social.

To keep the promotion and development of social Ping Pong in Brixton open we like to hold residencies in and around Brixton, so we're always open to new offers from pubs/bars/venues to take us and our table in. Please get in touch if you want to get involved
In the Summer months we organise outdoor get togethers, usually in the form of a 'Ping Pong Picnic'. The best way to keep up to date on these is through the web site, our newsletter or Face Book and Twitter.
The home of Brixton Ping Pong Society is basically Brixton (No fixed abode)

Petition for Ping Pong Tables in Brockwell Park

"Why are there no tables in Brockwell park?" we hear you ask! Indeed, why not? Something the Society would like to change, and we're on the case slowly but hopefully surely. Lambeth council have dotted a few tables around the area, most to our knowledge are not used regularly, certainly not in the most inviting of spots, except of course the one in Windmill Gardens, scene of some of our picnic meetings.
Brockwell park has many great sporting facilities for Football, Cricket, Tennis, Cycling, jogging, Bowling, an assault course, and the Lido houses a Gym. The British Olympics has encouraged the Government and local councils to spend money on sport, so we'd like to see this executed!
Having had a meeting and some communication with a few people of influence it does seem that tables in the park is now more than a possibility, naturally it's pretty much down to funding now. We're on the case with funding proposals and blagging letters, however, if anyone has any advise or would like to help out regarding this, we'd be really chuffed.
The more members and contributors we have, the more voices there are to be heard, so please help us and the community by supporting Brixton Ping Pong Society.
If you're interested in helping out and /or contributing to the society website please register here, the more the merrier.