The Brixton Ping Pong Society

Brixton Ping Pong Society primarily refers to Jonathan Cassels and Matt Ayres.
Members are openly invited to register with the site and contribute their pictures and videos.
All content on this site, including written word and photography, is subject to copyright.
It will be clear which member has contributed and so they must be considered the copyright holder, unless otherwise stated.
Any page, image and video that does not give obvious reference to copyright credits must be considered to belong to Jonathan Cassels and Matt Ayres.
Though we are in most cases happy to share our work, permission to use any image and/or quote from this site must be sought before reproduction.
We advise all members and site contributors to adhere to the crediting of copyright.
We will always give full credits and provide relevant links to images and written word from external sources. Please be advised that we can not be held responsible for the content of external sites.
(If by any chance you believe an image has been used without permission then please let us know!)

Brixton Ping Pong Society is a non profit operation, all meetings, events and work on the web site is all done in our own time, and funded from our own pocket.

©Brixton Ping Pong Society 2013

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